CRISTOPOL is a non-profit organization, of police officers and their families who believe, live and share their Christian faith. We are made up of policemen and policewomen in activity service or in retirement of the National Police. We are an interdenominational ministry of voluntary adherence, whose doctrine is totally centered on the Sacred Scriptures. We believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit; our main objective is evangelization, so that the man and the woman police can be reconciled with God, through restoration and spiritual strengthening, which allows them to keep up their moral and ethical principles; as well as achieving the family unity of all the policemen in the world. We believe that men and women, fearful and obedient policemen of God, will obtain the Lord’s blessings for all our Police and society, with a provision of police service, each time better, dignifying the human being and glorifying God in all actions our active service and outside of it. Our contribution will always be oriented to the integral development of issues that strengthen the leadership and police authority, through the spiritual advice of police men and women as well as their families, with the purpose of restoring and strengthening the pillars of our Police Institution

CRISTOPOL is God's answer to innumerable prayers and claims of men and women policemen and their families; also added to the prayers of different Christian congregations, led by pastors and leaders, who for years prayed with perseverance to our God and Lord, for a Christian police ministry made up of and for policemen. Those of us who have lived the daily police work, know that it is a high risk profession to wear the honorable uniform of the National Police and act in strict accordance with the authority * delegated by God and government, it is an honor and a privilege that only we know who have had the happiness and honor from God. '' Submit yourself to the higher authorities; because there is no authority except from God, and those that are, by God have been established "Romans 13: 1. Now we have the certainty that it is absolutely necessary to know and understand the role of the police, loving the police and serving through it to our beautiful homeland, who knows and understands more a policeman if not the police themselves? God and country, saved to serve.